Monday, July 2, 2012

Solo Rides

 Got some good solo rides in at the end of last week. On Thursday I left the shop around 2pm and went out for a nice ride. Route was something like Leaf Valley - Millerville - Inspiration -Ashby - Evansville - Brandon -Garfield. Took out the Roubaix since I wanted to get some faster miles in, but the gravel was calling my name and I couldn't help it, I had to do some exploring. Found some great new roads with some chunky gravel and rolling hills. In the end I got in 60+miles, pace wasn't hard by any means but it was a great ride.
Couldn't help myself
Chunky gravel, Skinny tires

On Friday I left early and was planning on getting in a longer ride than I did on Thursday, but my legs were not feeling it. Still got in a pretty good ride, loop consisted of Holmes City - Lowry - Kensington - and back in. Wasn't that windy or hot but just felt drained the entire ride. Did find some new gravel that was pretty fun, again some nice rolling hills. In the end I got in around 50+ miles.
Nice 6 mile stretch of winding rolling gravel
Pit Stop

 This week I'll do the Tuesday Night ride, be lazy on Wednesday, and then get some solo rides in on Friday and Saturday. Maybe make a trip down to Glenwood for some Hills haven't done that for a while.

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