Thursday, January 5, 2012


We are a family owned bike shop in Alexandria, MN. we are your one stop shop for bikes, xc skis, snowshoes, and home fitness equipment. We carry bikes and gear from Specialized and Fuji, skis from Atomic and Fischer, TSL snowshoes and Vision Fitness, along with other great brands. we enjoy all types of rides and offer many group ride: road, mountain bike, gravel rides, or just casual cruise stop by the shop and you'll find somebody to ride with. We all ride and we love it.
What's the difference between our website/facebook and the blog? The blog is going to give you a more personal view of the shop. When something cool comes in we'll post it on the blog. If one of us is building a new custom build or personal bike we'll have it's creation from frame to first ride on the blog. During the summer we'll have ride reports of Tuesday night sprints, Mountain bike rides, and any of our gravel rides, complete with pictures and most likely video.

So stay tuned it's going to be a fun ride.

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