Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's been a while since I posted anything, shop has been crazy busy!!! So here's a recap. Last Saturday (3/31) Ross and I rode out to Inspiration Peak and climbed up the hiking path. That was a pretty painful climb around 300ft of climbing in a 1/2 mile. On the hiking path parts of the trail hit 40% grade, which is painfully steep. If the climb wasn't enough we had to ride the 25 miles home into a 20-25mph headwind. Ride was a lot of fun and will definitely be making more trips out to the peak area when I want to get some climbing in.

On Tuesday we had our Sprint Night and on Thursday we had our social road ride. Tuesday I felt great and took most of the sprints. Still don't feel like I can get the explosiveness needed in pack sprint but if I can get a little gap I can power my way to the stop ahead signs. Thursday we had around 15 people and had a nice easy ride.

Yesterday Ross and I drove out to Inspiration and came up with a 22 mile loop with lots of climbing for our area. We did 2 laps around the loop and at the end of each lap came the ascent to the top of the peak. I put new tires on Skittles. I took off the Specialized Captains that were great in the mud and put on a set of Specialized Triggers. The Trigger has a less aggressive tread, a smoother raised center and some larger knobs on the outside of the tire. Tire was  definitely  easier rolling and faster on hard packed gravel. On loose gravel it got a bit sketchy but I think that was more my fault then the tires, I had way too much air. Overall I think the tire will be a winner in anything other than muddy conditions.

This week we have a lot going on at the shop, we have ride leaving the shop on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. On Saturday the early early morning ride will be driving to Glenwood for a day of hills and at 10:30am on Saturday I'll be guiding the Guided Mountain bike ride offered through Community Education. Hopefully we'll see you on one of the rides.

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