Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't call it a comeback

It's been awhile since I posted anything, it's been crazy at the shop, but I'm going to try to get something up each week.
Here's a recap since last post

Ross and I competed in the Almanzo 100. Here's a recap: First 40 Miles "Hey this isn't bad, we're flying" Next 30 "Wow wind sucks but I still feel good, nah I don't need to fill up bottles only have 30 miles left"
Final 30 " I hate the wind, I must not like myself, my ass is sore, I should have filled up my bottles. There's a cemetery that looks like a good place to lay down for a while. Oriole Road that sounds pretty. Oriole Road sucks ass, when does it flatten out. I want to quit, don't quit your almost there. Never doing this again"
30 seconds after finish: " Awesome, when can I do the next one, I need to do more of these."

Final time was 8 hours 28 minutes finished 160th out of 373 finishers. 500 -600 started.
Ross did better finished in 7 hours 34 minutes and finished 84th.

Awesome event and can't wait for next year.

After Almanzo took a week off and then got back into the swing of things.
Signed up for the Dirt Bag it's another long ass gravel race, this one is in St.Cloud.
Had our first Thursday night MTB rides.
2 weeks ago had a nice 5 hour gravel ride and last week spent 5+ hours in Cuyuna Mountain Biking. Love the trails there and got to ridE every trail that was open. Flagged out some new single track in Alexandria.

This week is an easy week so I'll do the Tuesday Night ride and then take it easy. Will have 2 days of trail building later in the week.

Well that's the recap. will try to keep this updated.

See you on the road

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