Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend rides

Used to getting chased by dogs, Cows were new.
What a strange week? Last Monday I went out on a ride and got stuck in the mini blizzard, Friday I'm in knickers and a long sleeve jersey and felt like I was over dressed.  I got out early Friday afternoon and did a 30 mile gravel ride. The weather was awesome and the gravel was even better. It's not uncomon to get chased by dogs on the rural gravel roads, but getting chased by a cow was a new one. Thought it would make a good pictures but when it started stomping it's foot, I decided to put the phone down and go. In the tree behind the mad cow there was a Bald Eagle, but I wasn't able to get the phone out in time.

On Saturday Ross and I left early in the morning and did a similar route. Other than ragnarok this was my first ride with an another person. Not that it meant we chit chatted the entire ride, like always we took turns trying to rip each others legs off. Felt good early but towards the end legs were feeling pretty empty, all in all it was fun ride and we were able to get back on time.

Today the plan was to get out for a quick gravel ride, instead I did hill repeats at Victoria heights on Skittles. I have about three weeks until Almanzo, so need to hit it pretty hard.

We are officially starting our shop rides this week, so Tuesday at 6pm we'll have our first sprint night.

Enjoy the ride

Blue skies and fresh gravel


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